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About Harmony Veterinary Services

Our Team:

    Dr. Sandi Farris has called Whidbey Island home since 2011 when she moved from Alaska with                                                                      her long-established large animal veterinary practice. Dr. Farris is                                                                  a 1995 graduate from the internationally-acclaimed Colorado                                                                 State University Veterinary program and after a year-long                                                                 internship at the renowned Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center                                                                 in Los Olivos, California founded Harmony Veterinary Services in                                                                 2000.  Dr. Farris has extensive experience working with and                                                                 competing top-level equine athletes. In addition to her                                                                 ambulatory practice she is a licensed FEI Veterinary Delegate for                                                                 the Olympic sports of Eventing and Show Jumping in the United                                                                 States and abroad.

   Veterinary Technician JoDee Snyder is a lifelong horsewoman and is a dedicated key member to                                                                 keeping the clinic running smoothly. She trains and runs barrel                                                                 horses, manages a large Thoroughbred racehorse farm and                                                                 spends her free time with her husband supporting her kids in                                                                 their multitude of sports and activities. 

  Annie Frosolone rounds out the all-women crew as a veterinary assistant during school holidays.                                                                 Her family spent 5 years in Sicily before returning to Whidbey                                                                where she says her heart remains. Annie is currently a third- year                                                                student at Washington State University College of  Veterinary                                                                Medicine! Her spare time includes Eventing, polo matches and                                                                hanging out with her Australian Shepherd Robbie.


Our Goals:

            Our passion is the health and well being of your animals. We care for a range of large animals from the elite performance horse to the backyard sheep, goats, and camelids, providing a full-spectrum of compassionate, skilled preventative care to the most detailed equine soundness evaluations utilizing both conventional and integrative therapeutic options.