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Portable Digital Ultrasound 
Sport Medicine, Preventative Care, Diagnostics, and More....
Portable Digital Radiography 
Joint Injections 
We are proud to be the first in the local area to offer imaging with digital ultrasound! Fully portable for travel to your farm to image and diagnose tendon and ligament damage, perform reproductive examinations, or find abnormalities within an organ. The Sonovet is state-of-the-art and can easily help assess a problem to get a more definitive answer. Let us come to your animal with our equipment, avoid the added stress of hauling, and keep your animal comfortable.   
​Like our ultrasound machine, our digital radiology is portable and provides diagnostic images in a matter of minutes. Clear digital images on CD or via email of your prepurchase or lameness exams are available for your records or for quick submission to orthopedic specialists. Trimming and corrective shoeing is greatly improved with radiographs of the hooves and lower limbs. With pictures of the internal structures of the feet we work closely with talented farriers to form an accurate soundness plan.  Livestock and small animals benefit from our portable digital radiology as well. There are so many possibilities with this portable imaging equipment!
These days there are many ways to keep your competitive horse at peak performance level or maintain your child's arthritic 4-H mount in comfortable, sound riding shape. Harmony Veterinary provides several options for joint health including joint injections, intravenous and intramuscular medications including regenerative stem cell therapy, IRAP, PRP, and complementary body and exercise protocols. Call if you have a horse that can benefit from joint therapy.
Integrative Acupuncture
     The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group have     provided solid evidence that acupuncture has defined medical uses in equine and veterinary myofascial     pain, neuromuscular disorders, intestinal motility, and even allergic dermatitis. Horses, dogs, and cats     are especially good responders to acupuncture and we are pleased to provide this adjunct therapy.

Dental Care
    Horses teeth wear differently than our own, often creating sharp points and hooks that erode and         lacerate the gumline and sensitive cheek tissue. Oral exams also provide a chance to look for tumors,     fractured teeth, and evidence of metabolic disease. AAEP recommends having your horses teeth     examined annually to biannually and perform dental work as needed. Poorly maintained teeth     contribute to health problems as well as training and behavioral problems. Dental examinations are a     consistent component of our preventative health program.

Vaccinations​ & Preventative Medicine
    Vaccinations are a preventative measure that every animal owner should seriously consider.     Vaccinations  help us keep your animal in excellent health and prevent deadly or contagious disease.     Each farm and even each horse can have different needs for vaccinations based on locality, travel     exposure, and their age. A full physical examination including nutrition and general wellness
     information are included in the cost of the vaccinations. Check out the American Association of 
    Equine Practitioners vaccination and preventative medicine recommendations on our site.

Prepurchase Exams
    Our equipment, knowledge, and experience make Harmony Veterinary Services a prime choice for your     prepurchase exam. Whether you have found a horse locally or many miles away we can provide clear     information about the health and soundness of your potential purchase. Prepurchase exams often     include radiograph and ultrasound imaging to help a buyer make the best decision in their purchase.