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AAEP Equine Preventative Healthcare Guidelines

Diagnostic Plan
    Every horse should receive:
  •    Annual dental/physical examination 
  • Annual fecal examination for internal parasites
    Customized plan based upon:
  • Age, breed, use and metabolic considerations 
  • Selective endocrine screening for horses older than 15-20 years of age 
  • Endocrine screening for those showing signs of equine metabolic syndrome


Therapeutic Plan
    Every horse should receive:
  • A minimum of one to two broad-spectrum, targeted anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) treatments per year in accordance with existing AAEP guidelines
  • Routine farriery  
    Customized plan based on assessment and consideration of:
  • Age, use, area and other risk factors as determined by attending veterinarian 
  • Enhanced internal parasite control for young horses less than 2 years of age and mature horses identified as high strongyle egg shedders in accordance with existing AAEP guidelines 
  • External parasite control in accordance with existing guidelines 
  • Dental recommendations
  • Diet/nutritional recommendations
  • Farriery recommendations
  • Therapeutic recommendations 


Prevention Plan
    Every horse should have or receive:
  • Core vaccine immunizations in accordance with existing AAEP guidelines
​                   -Rabies
                   -West Nile Virus
                   -Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis
                   -Western Equine Encephalomyelitis
  • Reproductive management for horses intended for breeding purposes
    Customized plan based upon assessment:
  • Risk-based vaccine immunization in accordance with existing guidelines 
  • Life-style based disease prevention recommendations and biosecurity measures